Rocket City RC Club ~~Orlando Florida~~

AMA Charter #295    Est. 1984

Physical Address
22651 N. Fort Christmas Road
Christmas, FL 32709
Mailing Address
1945 W.CR 419 Suite 1141 BOX 102
Oviedo, Fl 32766

Rocket City Radio Control Club has a long history dating back to its inception in 1984. We are a diversified group of dedicated RC pilots with interests in all aspects of our hobby. On any given weekday and weekend you can expect to find a mixture of Scale, Sport, 3D, Electrics, Gas and Glow planes. We have gliders, both powered and unpowered, helicopters of all sizes including scale, 3D, Electric, Nitro and Gas powered, electric jets and on occasions rockets. We pride ourselves on our friendly nature, always greeting and helping newcomers into the club and the hobby. Each of the club officers is available to teach and qualify new members and new pilots.

We are extremely lucky to have one of the best fields in Central Florida. Our runway is 100' by 600' with an east/west orientation, taking advantage of the predominant prevailing winds. We have line of sight, open space to the north and east, providing ample opportunity to accommodate three to four pilots at a time. We are also fortunate to have one of the best maintained fields in the area thanks to the dedicated support of a few club members. Normal accommodations are available - covered seating areas, porta-potty, work tables and bulletin board. The field is accessible to members at any time using a combination lock and to visitors whenever the field is occupied by a member. We are conveniently located on Fort Christmas Road, approximately halfway between 419 and Hwy 50.

We welcome visitors at all times and for those that are interested in joining our club, we request that each perspective member visit with us two to three times to provide an opportunity for meeting club members and vice versa. All new members are voted into the club at the monthly meeting, conducted at the field at 10am on the first Saturday of the month. We look forward to meeting and flying with you!


All Members and potential new members should thoroughly read the Rocket City RC Club Flight Rules and Study the Flight Zone Maps available.

Download the Flight Rules PDF File Here

Download Flight Zone Maps Here

Meet the Board

President - Robert Griffin president@rocketcityfl.com

Vice President - Jerry Sabbagh vicepresident@rocketcityfl.com

Secretary - AJ Alvarez secretary@rocketcityfl.com

Treasurer - Frank Mendola treasurer@rocketcityfl.com

Safety Officer - John Etzler safety@rocketcityfl.com

Robert Griffin - President

Jerry Sabbagh - Vice President

AJ Alvarez - Secretary

Frank Mendola - Treasurer

John Etzler - Safety Officer