Application for Membership
Rocket City RC Club ~~Orlando Florida~~
AMA Charter #295    Est. 1984


So you are thinking of joining the Club?  Wondering what steps to take?  You've already completed a great first step and thats visiting this website and reading this.  The next thing you want to do is Visit our Air Field.  You need to visit the field and bring a plane, along with your AMA card, with you so you can experience our flying site.  It's important we meet you as well so we can answer as many questions as you have about the club, the field and its bylaws before you officially join and pay your dues.  Once you have visited the field and met with a board member, gotten a good feel this is the place for you, fill out the form below and then you will need to get voted in at our next club meeting. 1st Saturday of each month.  Once voted in, membership dues can be collected at that time or right here on our site via paypal services.  Once all these steps are completed, you will be provided with the gate combo and your adventure begins.

Once you have visited the field and met with a board member: Signing up for Membership is EASY!  SIMPLY FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW, or download a copy of the form and bring it with you to the field!  Dues should be made only after officially being voted in or otherwise instructed as per board member.  Payment can be made via Check, Cash and Now, Credit Card via PayPal!

All New Members are voted in to the club during our Monthly meeting.  All Members must under go a field orientation and a pilot competency check with a Board Member or Assigned Flight instructor.  Read our Field bylaws thoroughly. Download the Flight Rules PDF File Here

If you wish, you can also mail your Application and/or Check Payable to: Rocket City RC Club to the following address: Rocket City RC Club, 1945 W.CR 419 Suite 1141 BOX 102, Oviedo Fl 32766

Fill Out the Form BELOW (Scroll Down) or if you prefer a Hard Copy, you can Download the application Here: Application in PDF

Pay For Membership at this link: Pay Via Credit Card/PayPal

Pay for NEW & RENEWAL Here

Note: Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership is a prerequisite for membership.
To Join or ReNew with the AMA click here.   To Check the status of your AMA click here.  


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Your First and Last Name:
Your Address:
City: State: Zip:

Home Phone: Cell Phone:

Your Email Address: Date of Birth:

AMA# : Freq/Chan/2.4ghz : Years in Hobby :

Would you like an instructor to work with you? YES NO

Email Available to all Members? YES NO

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Please indicate below if you were referred by anyone to our club, or how you heard about us.  Also list any other clubs you belong to.   Do you have any skills or areas of interest that can benefit the membership? Ex: Computer, Carpentry, Flight Instructor, CD etc. Please List

In the respect of privacy, Rocket City R/C Club will not share or publish your e-mail address and/or telephone numbers without the memberís permission. Only club officers will have access to any personal information and will be held in the strictest of confidence. 

As a Rocket City Club Member, I will participate in club events and workdays. 

As a Rocket City Club Member, I agree to abide by the By-Laws and safety rules as established by the AMA and Rocket City R/C Club, Inc.


Rocket City R/C Club Dues and Fees:
Club Initiation Fee: $50.00  (Paid 1 time with New Memberships)
Adult Membership: $150.00 (Due Annually January 1.  Prorated Quarterly)
Family Membership $225.00 (Immediate Family Living Together)
Snowbirds: $75.00 (Non residents only, no initiation fee)
Junior Membership: $75.00 (Under 18, no initiation fee)